My name is Erzsebet Dobos. I am Hungarian. My profession is teaching Spanish language and everything related to Spanish and Latin American Culture and Civilization. I started my career as a language educator in the best Business School / College in Hungary. I have extensive experience teaching Spanish as a second language as well as Business Spanish. I believe that my profession is a lot more than teaching subjects; it means the responsibility to help students be successful in their career and life too.

While teaching is my primary focus, I am also actively involved in research, particularly in the area of Spanish literature. I have written articles and given talks on numerous subjects, with special attention to the 20th century Spanish poet and playwright, Federico García Lorca.

Since I was very young, I have been involved in multicultural environments which has helped me arrive at a deeper understanding of other cultures and customs. In the 3 years I spent working at UCLA as a lecturer of Spanish, I learned even more about how language educators contribute to building a better world.
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